Why airplants don't need much water?

Many of you still ask me why airplants don't need much water to survive. It's quiet unusual for most of the plants as we know them.. All the secret is hidden in airplants porous leaves! 

Tilandsia's breath the water and the nutritious via the leaves so if you travel and you are unable to water them they will kind of take care of themselves :) 

However please don't forget that we don't have a level of humidity that you usually find in the jungle and once you are back from your travels airplants will be more then thankful for 30 min bath and more regular water spraying ( 1-2 per week ). Convince to give them a try ? check how beautiful they can look in your apartment.




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Air-plants the easiest plants to improve productivity at work!

Plants are a great addition to any workspace, and even more so when placed on a desk. Not only do they add a pop of color and freshness to the environment, but they can also provide numerous benefits to one’s physical and mental health. In this article, we will explore why plants are a great addition to a desk in the workspace.

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Optimal Care Guide for Airplants Indoors: Tips for Thriving Tillandsias

Optimal Care Guide for Airplants Indoors: Tips for Thriving Tillandsias

Airplants, native to the deserts, forests, and mountains of Latin America, require some extra attention when transitioning to indoor environments. While they thrive on fresh air, ample light, and humidity – conditions often lacking in our homes – their remarkable adaptability allows them to flourish indoors with a touch of their natural habitat. Here's a snapshot of essential care tips.
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Etairnity airplants holders in stylish blogger’s houses!

Check out inspiring bloggers Judith de Graaf from France ( joelix.com) and Igor Josif from Germany ( Happy Interior Blog ) presented the beautiful installations of Etairnity airplant bases in their homes.
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Christmas Gifts Ideas not only for Airplants lovers


Christmas Gift Ideas for Everyone, Even Those Not Into Airplants!

The festive season is upon us, and with about four weeks left, it's time to tackle the yearly challenge—holiday gifts. If you haven't considered air plants yet, maybe now is the perfect time to give them a try. Here's why:

Air plants are incredibly easy to take care of, making them an ideal gift for friends who love nature and indoor plants but struggle to keep them alive.

Not only are air plants easy to care for, but they are also forgiving. A 2-3 week holiday trip might spell doom for most green beauties, but not for air plants. Consider these as a thoughtful gift for your busy friends who love to travel but still want to maintain their home plants.

Air plants have a natural affinity for beautiful design. Since they don't need soil, it's effortless to place them in wooden pots. Explore our interior inspirations page to see how our wooden collection complements modern urban interiors.

Wishing you a joyful holiday shopping experience

Your Green Hero:)

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Discover the Beauty of Low-Maintenance Airplants: A Guide to Hassle-Free Plant Care

Uncover the secret to stress-free plant care with airplants! Learn how these miraculous plants thrive on minimal water, making them the perfect choice for busy individuals. Dive into the world of low-maintenance greenery and transform your interior into a lush and beautiful oasis.

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Boost Your Workplace with Airplants: Enhance Health, Productivity, and Well-being

Revitalize your office with airplants—an essential choice for every employee! Scientific studies affirm the transformative impact: plants in workspaces elevate mental and physical well-being, amplifying productivity. Airplants, with their unique ability to naturally enhance environments, are your key to a healthier, happier, and more productive office space.
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