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Etairnity was created out of love for nature and fine design. 

Everything started in Poland where I was growing up,  surrounded by beautiful gardens and plants grown by my family for generations. Unfortunately my love for nature did not came with natural talent for growing plants that would simply die over and over again ..so as my motivation to introduce them to my life.

Few years ago, things were about to change.  I moved to Amsterdam and despite many travels and fast pace life I got inspired by how Dutch cultivate nature in their daily lives.  Need for more balance for myself lead to discovery of airplants - miraculous plants known for their amazing adjusting qualities . Even despite my continuous travels and limited time suddenly here I was.. a green hero who was for the first time able to maintain airplants at home with almost no effort. 

Discovery lead to co-creation of products lines made from certified wood that embraces the beauty of airplants. We design natural plant holders that mimic their natural habitat to bring plants and fine design back into your lives!





Contact details:

email: info@etairnity.com

phone: 0031 631 060 053




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