How to take good care of your Tillandsia air plants

Since airplants originally grow in the deserts, forests and mountain regions of Latin America, once kept indoors, they need to be watched closely in the initial month until they have established themselves in their new environment. They love fresh air, good light and humidity- conditions often absent in home! However, since Tilandsias possess the ability to adapt to a wide range of climatic conditions, they often will grow or at least not decline indoors if they are given much of their natural surroundings as possible..

First Thing To Do After Receiving Your Airplant

When you receive our plants, please remove from the shipping package and soak for 30 minutes to 1 hour, submerge upside down. Remove them from water and shake gently to remove any excess water. Place them up side down in bright light and allow to dry. Do not fertilize plants for 3 weeks following their arrival but be sure to follow directions for light and Water.

Tip 1 - Light

  • Airplants kept indoors should receive plenty of indirect light from a nearby window. If you see that your plant is not doing well in one position, try some place else.
  • Avoid placing the plants near the radiator since it reduces their natural humidity.
  • The higher the humidity in the air, the more amount of sunlight will be tolerated by the plant without it drying up

Tip 2- Water

  • You can choose two type of watering: soaking or spraying
  • Soaking: we recommend soaking the plants in any bucket of water once per week for around 15 -30 min and then drying them up side down before placing back into the pots.
  • Spraying: we recommend spraying the airplants generously 2 times per week, removing them from the wooden objects that they are installed in. Watering should be more frequent during summer or in dry conditions. Never use tap water where a water softener has been installed because of lack of necessary nutrients.
  • Watering is critical indoors since there is usually lack of humidity, especially when you are using air conditioning and/or central heating. In dry conditions, water misted onto the plant often evaporated before the plant has had the opportunity to absorb it. Even if it does absorb the water misted on the epidermis, it may not be enough to overcome a water deficit. The plants will gradually dehydrate and may eventually die for lack of moisture.
  • Regulate spraying according to growing conditions. The amount of water required will vary according to temperature, light and air movement.
  • A successful way to water loose plants that look dehydrated is to totally submerge them in room temperature water containing a small amount of fertilizer. They should remain submerged for a few hours. Before you place your airplants back to their home place but always shake off excess water. This is very important, as stagnated the water may cause the plant to rot. You can also use this technique as a regular water ritual. We like to give bath our airplants every 2ndor 3rd week.

Tip 3 – Fertilizer

  • Spray twice per month with our airplant fertiliser in spring and summer, fortnightly in autumn and winter.

Tip 4 – Temperature & environment

  • Airplants tolerate a wide range of temperature from very hot to direct sunlight-down to 8 to 10 degrees depending on plant variety.
  • In mild weather, airplants enjoy living outdoors in a sheltered position with good indirect or diffused sunlight.
  • Rain is beneficial and the fresh air circulation will prevent any rot.  

Tip 5 – Taking care while you are away

  • If you go away on holiday, we recommend leaving them outdoors, providing temperatures will not drop down below 10 degrees centigrade.
  • In the winter, if you go away for a week or two, they will look after themselves providing you spray them generously before you leave and giving them a bath upon your return.
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Christmas Gifts Ideas not only for Air plants lovers


  Oh Christmas time is around the corner !! and  we have around 4 weeks to sort out the every year challenge … holiday gifts... If you have not yet consider air plants maybe it’ time to give it a try. Here is why:

Airplants are eeeeasy to take care of so if you have a friend who enjoys nature and indoor plants but seems to be incapable of growing them - airplants will be a hit :)

  •  Airplants are not only easy but also forgiving ...2 - 3 week holiday trip tend to kill all the green beauties but not airplants so think of your busy friends who love to travel but would still like to keep their home plants intact.
  • Airplants love beautiful design :) They don’t need soil so it is very easy to place them in wooden pots. Check our interior inspirations page to see how our wooden collection looks in modern urban interior. 

Happy Holiday Shopping 

Your Green Hero:)

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Black Friday Airplants Deal

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Why airplants don't need much water?

Many of you still ask me why airplants don't need much water to survive. It's quiet unusual for most of the plants as we know them.. All the secret is hidden in airplants porous leaves! 

Tilandsia's breath the water and the nutritious via the leaves so if you travel and you are unable to water them they will kind of take care of themselves :) 

However please don't forget that we don't have a level of humidity that you usually find in the jungle and once you are back from your travels airplants will be more then thankful for 30 min bath and more regular water spraying ( 1-2 per week ). Convince to give them a try ? check how beautiful they can look in your apartment.




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Cactus Love - Simple Care Tips!

How exciting ! We finally have some beautiful cactuses in our store! I am totally in love with the bright colours. It’s like having plenty of long lasting flowers in my room that I don’t have to water too much:)

So what do you need to know to start your cactus adventure  few lines on how to take care of cactuses:



Cactuses are easy plants and will definitely survive the periods of drought .. in your apartment :) but if you want them to thrive and grow you would have to water them once per week especially during their growth period between Spring - Fall. Minimal or avoid watering when plant is dormant in winter.

Tip: Cactus plants are best left to almost dry out completely between waterings. Insert a pen into the pot to check if the soil is dry :) Do not overwater or allow plant to stand in water.


Potted cacti do best when they are exposed to sunlight for several hours per day. In general bright light yes, but not all can tolerate intense, direct sunlight, especially in conjunction with high temperatures. If you spot dark patches on the surface your cactus needs some shadow!



During the growing season, a balanced fertilizer, which has been diluted to 1/4 strength, can be added to the water for each watering.

As you can see It’s pretty simple and will beautifully transform your indoor space. Check out our selection:)

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Did you water your airplants this week?

Plants watering is a sensitive subject .. main reason why people decide not to invest in plants at all. We tend to forget about it, we don't know how much water is needed etc. On other hand, having an interior filled with plants is so relaxing and beautiful that it would be silly to give up on the idea!

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Etairnity airplants holders in stylish blogger’s houses!

Judith chose to hang the Tillandsia Usneoidus and Tillandsia Caput Medusa in Etairnity Spheres which made a perfect addition to her full of daily light space below the impressive staircase! 

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