Etairnity airplants holders in stylish blogger’s houses!

Check out inspiring bloggers Judith de Graaf from France ( and Igor Josif from Germany ( Happy Interior Blog ) presented the beautiful installations of Etairnity airplant bases in their homes.

Judith chose to hang the Tillandsia Usneoidus and Tillandsia Caput Medusa in Etairnity Spheres which made a perfect addition to her full of daily light space below the impressive staircase! It was her first experience with ariplants which she described in detail - so if you are still not at ease with these unique plants, you can get inspiration below

Hanging Etairnity Sphere with Spanish Moss in Living Room

Slightly different style was presented by Igor, who chose to place funky looking Tillandsia Bulbosa in Etairnity Discs to match a Nordic style of his interior. The combination of Discs and a beautiful round mirror on the wall resulted in a very curvy and wild look! Check more details here

Etairnity Wooden Discs on the Wall

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