Green and relaxing office thanks to airplants


Adding airplants to your office is something every employee should want to do! Numerous scientific studies prove the benefits: plants in our working environment improve both mental and physical health and boost productivity!

One of the best qualities of airplants is that they naturally contribute to our health by cleaning the air and improving the humidity level of the air. Dr. Margaret Burchett, an internationally respected air quality researcher of the University of Technology Sydney, even states ‘It is expected that indoor plants will become standard technology - a vital building installation element for improving indoor air quality.’

Plants also help to naturally alleviate stress at the workplace. Stress is a normal part of any workday, but most offices are still looking as far from nature as possible. Adding more green to your workplace can really help to decrease stress and create a more healthy space to work in. In a study done at Washington State University, plants were used to measure stress levels in employees at workstations. Participants working in an environment with plants present appeared to be 12 percent more productive and less stressed than their non-plant counterparts.

Also, productivity is known to be improved in a work environment where plants are present. Cognitive tasks, concentration and focus are all improved. In numerous studies conducted it has been found that fewer mistakes are made, tasks are completed faster and, in the case of computer workers, productivity increased. For example, a Texas A&M University research team explored the link between plants and productivity. Participants were given several creative problem-solving tests in a variety of office environments. The conditions included a workspace with plants, a setting with a sculpture and an area with no decorative embellishments. During the study, participants demonstrated more innovative thinking, generating more ideas and original solutions to problems in the office environment that included plants. The higher level of concentration can be attributed to the plants ability to reduce excess carbon dioxide in the air.

Science has spoken. Plants make us feel good at the office! If you want to improve your health and productivity at the workplace, simply add some airplants to the environment so you can enjoy the amazing benefits of natural beauty. What are you waiting for? Create your own Zen Airplant Workspace now!

Source: Proceedings of Sixth International Conference on Indoor Air Quality, Ventilation & Energy Conservation in Buildings – Sustainable Built Environment, Volume III / Plants-for-People / Texas A&M University

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