Christmas Gifts Ideas not only for Air plants lovers


  Oh Christmas time is around the corner !! and  we have around 4 weeks to sort out the every year challenge … holiday gifts... If you have not yet consider air plants maybe it’ time to give it a try. Here is why:

Airplants are eeeeasy to take care of so if you have a friend who enjoys nature and indoor plants but seems to be incapable of growing them - airplants will be a hit :)

  •  Airplants are not only easy but also forgiving ...2 - 3 week holiday trip tend to kill all the green beauties but not airplants so think of your busy friends who love to travel but would still like to keep their home plants intact.
  • Airplants love beautiful design :) They don’t need soil so it is very easy to place them in wooden pots. Check our interior inspirations page to see how our wooden collection looks in modern urban interior. 

Happy Holiday Shopping 

Your Green Hero:)

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