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Discover the Beauty of Low-Maintenance Airplants: A Guide to Hassle-Free Plant Care

By Ania Hajdrowska  •  0 comments  •   2 minute read

Are you hesitant about adding plants to your space due to the challenges of watering? You're not alone. Many people shy away from plant ownership because of the perceived hassle of regular watering. However, maintaining a green and vibrant interior is incredibly rewarding. The good news is, there's a solution: airplants.


Airplants are the perfect choice for those seeking low-maintenance plant options. Unlike traditional plants that rely on their root systems for water, airplants absorb moisture directly from the air. While they still require water, their unique adaptation makes them resilient and forgiving, even for those with busy schedules or travel plans.

One of the remarkable features of airplants is their ability to survive with minimal water, ideal for European apartments with lower humidity levels, especially during the winter. Even if you forget to water them for a few weeks or find yourself in a hectic period where plant care isn't a top priority, airplants can endure.

So, how often should you water airplants?

Ideally, aim for twice a week. A quick 2-3 second spray of water is sufficient to keep them humid without saturating them. 


easy airplants watering

You can also opt for an airplants bath once per week or just before longer period of absence. Just soaked all your airplants for 30 min in a bucket of water or a bath :)

airplants and air plants bathing and watering

Embrace the beauty of airplants without the stress of intensive care, and turn your interior into a tranquil haven filled with effortlessly thriving greenery. Don't let the fear of watering deter you from enjoying the serenity and aesthetics of a plant-filled space. With airplants, you can have both beauty and simplicity in your plant care routin. Check out the airplants collection.

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