Did you water your airplants this week?

Few words on miraculous plants that don't need much water to thrive!

Plants watering is a sensitive subject .. and actually a main reason why people decide not to invest in plants at all. We tend to forget about it, we don't know how much water is needed etc. On other hand, having an interior filled with plants is so relaxing and beautiful that it would be silly to give up on the idea!

Good news:) Airplants are plants you are looking for!! Airplants take the water directly from air and not like other plants via their root system. It doesn't mean that they don't need water at all..our European apartments especially in winter are far from having the level of humidity airplants experience in their natural jungle habitat... However, they can easily survive few weeks of your holidays or just a very busy week when plant watering is just not on the "to do list":)

So do you still need to water them? Yes you do, ideally 2 times per week. Spray water for 2-3 seconds so your airplants get humid but not soaking wet.

easy airplants watering

You can also opt for an airplants bath once per week or just before longer period of absence. Just soaked all your airplants for 30 min in a bucket of water or a bath :)

airplants and air plants bathing and watering

Like with everything in life you have to find the balance and perfect schedule but airplants will make that discovery easier for you as they tend to forgive most of the "watering" mistakes:) . Check out the airplants collection here 

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