Airplants are conquering hearts and homes of more and more people! These amazing plants are easy to take care of and offer a great alternative to either cut flowers or other indoor plants. Their life cycle varies in European climates but reaches an average of 12 months. Some species, though, live less than others! Ionantha Rubra, for example, our pink beauty, slowly dies after turning red, so it only lasts for about 1 month after blooming! On the other hand, Tillandsia Caput-Medusa continues to shine up to 24 months if proper care is applied. For the above reasons, we created the Airplants Set with free shipping, for you to either refresh your current air plant collection or get to know air plants for the first time! 

Includes: Tillandsia Ionantha Green, Caput-Medusa and Brachycaulos. Average height: 5-10 cm

Special Tips:  Airplants love frequent misting, especially during warmer months or during winter months when the heating systems are on. To find out more about care please visit our blog.

* The free shipping offer applies to maximum 2 Airplant Sets per order.

Note: Please consider that each airplant is unique so it might look slightly different than those pictured online. Just so you know, we always try to hand-pick the best ones for you!


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