Natural airplant holder

"No form of Nature is inferior to Art; for the arts merely imitate natural forms" - Marcus Aurelius

During our latest trip to Thailand, we stumbled upon the particular dried nuts and we thought: these would perfectly host our airplants! Their organic, curvy shapes, form a cavity where airplants can nestle gently.The nuts grow on a 30-meter tall tree that thrives in the open tropical forests of south Asia, but you can now introduce them to your interior and add a tropical flair to your space!

Size: approx. 10 x 8 x 8 cm

Includes: Airplant of your choice

Note: Please consider that each nut is unique so it might look slightly different than those pictured online.

Important: If you choose Ioantha Rubra (the pink plant) to accompany the cube, please note that the specific airplant species last for up to 2 months, in contrast with the rest of our airplant collection which can live up to 2 years, under proper care.


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