Airplants for beginners


Plants for busy people?

Our hectic modern lives are often robbing us from opportunity to integrate nature into our lives. Busy schedules and frequent travelling often make us abandon the idea of cultivating plants indoors. We believe that plants require a lot time and water that we can't give them. 

But it's not necessarily true ! Airplants gained on popularity thanks to their amazing adjusting qualities. Some of them originates from deserts where they are exposed to drought and so, will similarly adjust to periodical absence of water at your home.

It's important to remember that they are still living creatures and will need a minimal care ;) Below tips will guide you during your new airplant adventure.

Where to place my airplants?

Airplants thrive in an indirect natural light. It means that proximity to windows, side window walls, tables, shelves will be perfect to them. From my experience, I see that access to light is more important that the actual watering.

Do I need to water them at all?

Yes! However there are few options you can choose from to adjust to your busy schedule. If possible, spray your airplants few times per week or give them a 1 hour  bath (works better if you have a lot of airplants and you want to water them quickly at once).

Here comes the magical trick!  Airplants can easily survive 2 - 3 weeks without watering - they will be literally breathing in the humidity from the air via their leaves. To help them out, before you leave,  soak airplants for 30 min in bucket of water and repeat once you are back.

How come there is no soil?

You will notice that airplants usually come without proper roots and no soil! Strange that it might seems. they don't need it. Most of the plants take their nutrients and water from soil, airplants however breath them out from air via their porous leaves!

How to choose the perfect pot?

That again differ from traditional plants! Airplants allow you to think about the design and aesthetic of your rooms as they don't have any preferences. You will see a variety of airplant pots on the market ranging from glass, wood or even wires. Choose what would fit your style best .

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