Airplants and succulents for beginners


Our hectic modern lives are often robbing us from opportunity to integrate nature into our lives. Busy schedules and frequent travelling often make us abandon the idea of cultivating plants indoors. We believe that plants require a lot time and water. Since nature and plants are crutial for our well being we decided to


Easy Plants. Does that even exists ? Airplant, Succulents gained on popularity thanks to their amazing adjusting qualities. Some of them originates from the desert where they build up their strengths  and they will stay beautifully green in your apartment.


Air plant and Succulents - Quick Tips for Beginners:

Care Tips





Access to indirect natural light

Access to indirect natural light

Ex. Proximity of windows,side window walls, tables, shelves


Ideal scenario: 1-2 x of a bit of water spraying per week.

Survival scenario: 2 - 3 weeks without watering (before you leave soak airpants for 30 min in bucket of water). Repeat once you are back.

Ideal scenario: 1x a week - soak the soil completely and try to avoid watering succulents leaves. Example here

Survival scenario: 2 - 3 weeks without watering

Both plants need water to thrive and grow but will survive long time without it.


No soil :)

Draining Soil. Cactuses Mix are easily available in garden centers


Any natural holder, pot will do.

If you wish spray the airplant without removing it from the pot make sure that the holder is water resistant.

Ideal scenario:

containers with drainage holes.

Possible scenario: containers without drainage holes (add sand to the soil to help with drainage)







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